Genomics, prostate cancer, and biomarker development

A number of readers may be interested in an article by Yadav et al. in the January issue of AUA News, entitled “Genomics at the forefront of biomarker development for prostate cancer detection and therapeutics.”

This is a relatively dense and technical article … but the topic is a dense and technical subject. It does give the careful reader a pretty clear overview of “where we are at” and “where we are going”. And reading this is a lot easier than reading the actual scientific literature on which this summary is based, that’s for certain!

On the other hand, the article does contain some minor inaccuracies … e.g., the implication that a PSA of 4 ng/ml is still the “approved” PSA level at which patients should consider having a biopsy for prostate cancer. We were kinda surprised to see such a statement when it is now widely understood that there is no specific PSA level that is recognized, on its own, as being the approved level at which a biopsy is recommended.

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