Improving diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment decision-making

Whatever one’s views on the relative merits of mass screening or carefully targeted, risk-based testing, there is little doubt that we need to do better in deciding who to biopsy once prostate cancer is suspected and who to treat when it is identified.

A series of three short, full-text articles in the February issue of Oncology provide some useful background on the possible roles of newer biomarkers in the diagnosis and work-up of prostate cancer patients.

In the baseline review article, Crawford et al. discuss “New biomarkers in prostate cancer“, looking at the developing variety of new diagnostic and prognostic tests that are coming available for the identification and classification of subcategories of this disease — from the prostate health index or phi test to Oncotype DX, Prolaris, and Decipher.

The two additional articles provide supplementary commentary from Andriole and Brockman (“Improving the early detection of prostate cancer: a balancing act“) and Klein (“Precision medicine: approaches to the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer“).

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