Current and future imaging techniques and recurrent prostate cancer

An article just reproduced on the Medscape Oncology web site provides a very readable review of what the authors describe as, “A paradigm shift from anatomic to functional and molecular imaging in the detection of recurrent prostate cancer”.

The article by Zaorsky et al. is reprinted from Future Oncology. It looks at both the standard, historically significant imaging tools used to assess patients for risk of progressive disease (bone scans, CT scans, etc.) and the newer and developmental stage tools that are starting to be used at selected centers, ranging from sophisticated forms of multiparametric MRI to even more esoteric techniques like [11C]choline, [18F]acetate, and Na18F PET/CT scans.

This review provides a good general overview of a rapidly evolving field for support group leaders and other prostate cancer educators and advocates. You do have to register with Medscape to be able to review and download this article, but there are no costs involved.

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  1. Excellent, I want to register.

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