Why are the prices of new drugs today so high?

There is a very recent and interesting article on a Scientific American blog site called “The Curious Waveform”. It discusses the apparent disconnect between what it costs to manufacture a new drug today and the price we may be asked to pay for it.

While this post — by a (pharmaceutical?) chemist called Ashutosh Jogalekar — is not about prostate cancer drugs specifically, it does provide an interesting “insider’s” perspective on drug prices and drug pricing in the 21st Century, and the highly inefficient process of drug discovery and development.

The fact that the previous post on The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink was about the failure of custirsen to extend survival of men with metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer (after something like 10-12 years of development), made Dr. Jogalekar’s article seem particularly apposite. I have no idea how much money that OncoGenex and Teva have invested in custirsen to date — but I do know that it has to be a lot.

And if you want to comment on Dr. Jogalekar’s article, please do it on Dr. Jogalekar’s blog site, not here!

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