Bill Manning’s blog: Part IX

Here is the latest of Bill’s blog posts. It seems that Bill’s benefits — to any meaningful extent — from drugs like abiraterone and enzalutamide are over. He, and we, hope it will be helpful to all those battling late stage prostate cancer. Click here for earlier parts if you missed them.

Blog IX: Back to chemotherapy

I had my follow-up appointment with my oncologist yesterday. He had called me on Tuesday to let me know the results of my latest scans were not great and asked me to go onto chemotherapy. I got the full results yesterday and read through the reports. Lots of new metastases including lymph nodes in the chest, abdomen, hips, etc. The most significant change was multiple lesions in the liver. The full results are too numerous to put here but it was quite an eye opener.

Same with the bone scan: a bunch of new spots and activity. PSA 116, up from 95 in December.

All this new activity was since my scans done at the end of August — so in about 4 months.

I stopped the Xtandi. I started chemotherapy yesterday: Taxotere and carboplatin. The plan is to do 3  to 4 cycles and see where that leaves us. My oncologist is a big research guy and told me he has some things coming down the pike to try if this chemotherapy does not work.

I did 7 cycles of Taxotere back in 2008 so I have some experience with the side effects. I will need to see how it goes this time.

This seems to be the end of my journey with the newly approved agents. It is likely now traditional chemotherapy and then clinical trials.

If Mike thinks it is still appropriate for me to post additional blog entries, then I am willing; however, if not this will the final post. If so I hope it has helped someone out there.


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  1. Please be advised that your sitemaster has told Bill that we will be more than happy to post his blog comments for as long as he wants to continue to do this. The decision is entirely up to him and his family.

  2. God Bless You Bill. I am very hopeful for you. You must keep the hope up too! I don’t care what your tests show … remissions can happen. I believe and trust in God for recoveries.

  3. Hi Bill . I am in a similar boat. Not much other than chemo ahead for awhile. Let’s hope something new pops soon.


  4. Bill,

    If you feel like it and it is a positive thing for you, could you please continue your posts? Your posts, whatever the type of news, gives insight for those who, like me, will be on your path sooner or later.

    I was diagnosed with a PSA of 560 and 30+ metastases to the bones. I am still in the early stages of my path. Still no symptoms. Minor side effects. Just on Zoladex for 9 months and on a double-blind trial (placebo or Zytiga). My PSA has been below 1 for the last 7 months. Slight increase from 0.3 to 5.1 in the last month. Positive results with all the scans.

    Please share as much as you feel and have the energy to do.

    Good luck and warm regards

    Paul Picard

  5. Hi Bill. I am sending this from England and have been reading your blogs for some time. May I say that you are a hero in passing on your progress information details and is one of the geatest benefits I have gained from reading most of the info that InfoLink provides. It is very clear that you have [are] doing a great job for many of us who are in the same club. We all know really what the end will be, but to have real practical knowledge from someone ahead of us is help without measure. I feel from what you say, that you are already “programmed” in your mind and your blogs are passing that great benefit on to others who you have never met. Keep it up for as long as your feel able, after that my sincere thoughts are with you.

    Best wishes,

    Tom Barfoot-Saunt

  6. Bill:

    Just want to let you know that a close buddy who has received around 10 rounds of docetaxel + carboplatin to date did not see any impact until the 6th round — during which his PSA increased from around 250 to 400. It then dropped to 200 and is now swinging around the 300 level.

  7. Bill:

    Thank you for your recent post, although the news is less than stellar. As others have commented, please continue to post if you can. You have carried this burden of cancer well and are an inspiration for the rest of us on a similar path.

    There is some thinking within the oncology community that repeating previous therapies and treatments may provide a benefit — albeit reduced. Perhaps after a few rounds of docetaxel you may try Xtandi or Zytiga again. It also sounds like your oncologist has some ideas as well. I wish you all the best as you go through this next level of treatment — I did 6 cycles of chemo back in 2009 and did not like the side effects. I hope your second pass will be less troublesome and provide additional benefit.

    May the Almighty continue to watch over you.



  8. Hi Bill.

    I did 7 sessions of your new chemo … but it was too toxic and PSA went from 400 to 600.

    Now on estrogen pills and PSA dropped to 200 in 3 weeks. …


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