Another new way to diagnose prostate cancer more accurately?

A news item on Friday in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle describes research ongoing at the Rochetster Institute of Technology into another new way to identify men at high risk for prostate cancer — but using targeted dying agents that will “stick” to the membranes of prostate cancer cells.

The hypothesis, as described in the article by the lead researcher — Prof. Hans Schmitthenner — is that the dyes that are attached to key cells in the prostate can then be imaged using a combination of ultrasound and laser technology. Biopsies would still be required to actually make a diagnosis of prostate cancer, but far fewer men would need to be biopsied if this type of technology could identify the presence of cancer with a high degree of accuracy.

The research is in its early stages … and it is not the only ongoing research that is designed to be able to target cancer cells in the prostate using specific types of dye and targeting molecules. However, it does give another example of the types of research that are being explored in the hope that we can get a lot better at the accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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