“Cyborgs in the battle against prostate cancer”

Well … apparently a number of the readers of this web site may have sci-fi personas in their future. We won’t spoil the fun in this one: just click here!

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  1. I have been an avid SF reader since 1955 or so, when I discovered the genre in the library I eulogise here. I am now associated with the anglophone world’s most literate Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine, Interzone. With this background I claim that the cyborgs described here would not excite any IZ person I know. First, these gizmos are no different from pacemakers, so no “sense of wonder” is evoked by this article. Second, the text seems to confuse cyborgs as a suitably modified human and cyborgs as the gizmo. Clearly, the writer knows little about the sophistication and imagination of current SF literature.

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