Being happy doesn’t make women live longer!

A new paper just published in The Lancet concludes that “In middle-aged women, poor health can cause unhappiness” but that “happiness and related measures of wellbeing do not appear to have any direct effect on mortality” (at 10 years of follow-up).

Of course whether this also applies to men was not being tested in the so-called Million Women Study carried out in the UK. And maybe it is only true in the UK, where the Million Women Study was carried out. And then there is the question of whether a million men are less or more happy than a million women (in any particular country).

Does happiness impact risk for prostate cancer? That’s another unknown!

For more on this topic, see the original paper by Liu et al. and a whole assortment on news articles like this one in the Los Angeles Times.

Your sitemaster would argue that happiness comes with a whole other range of benefits, even if it doesn’t extend one’s life. This is why, when people ask him “How are you today?” or similar, his answer (generally given with a broad grin, but sometimes not) is … “Old, boring, and grumpy!”

It gets a laugh (nearly) every time!

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