Sitemaster somewhat snow affected

We apologize for the recent lack of news on this site, but your sitemaster was at a somewhat intense, non-prostate cancer-related meeting on the West Coast (of America), from last Thursday until yesterday morning. As a consequence of the meeting, the travel, and the snow on the East Coast, his time and attention have been somewhat affected by non-prostate cancer priorities.

While he did manage to get home from the West Coast last night, he has been rather severely affected by the snow, and it may be a couple more days before he is able to get back to regular prostate cancer news reports.


6 Responses

  1. Happy digging out! (And take it in easy steps!) Bet it was hard to leave the West Coast.

    We got about 25 inches just outside the Washington Beltway at about the 8 o’clock position.

  2. Glad to hear you are back home safe and sound, Mike. … Take your time — We all appreciate the break to catch up!

  3. Take your time, Sitemaster. You give so much of your time to us — now give yourself the gift of time. Good luck digging out. : )

  4. No apologies necessary. We all have lived long enough to understand weather issues no matter where we live! Be safe.

  5. I hope you are in good shape and will be back soon,

  6. Don’t let it happen again … 😉

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