Erratum: The UCSF healthy lifestyle score

Earlier this morning we mis-posted as a news item information about a new page within the Prevention section of the web site. Please see here for that new page.

2 Responses

  1. “On the other hand, there is no evidence at all that meeting these criteria will stop all men who meet them from being diagnosed with lethal prostate cancer.”

    Just as with highly aggressive prostate cancer treatments.

    “So if you want to meet these goals to lower your risk for prostate cancer-specific death, that’s fine, but don’t get the idea that if you meet all these goals you will have eliminated your chance of dying from it!”

    Again, just as with highly aggressive prostate cancer treatments.

  2. Dear David:

    With all due respect … Having aggressive treatment for any form of prostate cancer (or indeed any form of cancer) is a choice. You may not want to do it. Others may. The more aggressive the cancer they are diagnosed with, the greater the reasonableness of wanting to try aggressive treatment. But one does, as a patient, need to understand the potential downsides of such treatment as well as the potential upsides. It doesn’t help anyone to only point out the good or only point out the bad. There are serious potential risks and significant potential benefits on either side of the equation … and each equation is an individual one for an individual patient.

    I would remind you that Willett Whitmore, one of the greatest and most intelligent urologic oncologists of the last 50 years, decided on watchful waiting when he was diagnosed with his own prostate cancer. He was dead within a few years. Dr. Whitmore knew exactly what he was doing — probably with far greater clarity than 99.99% of patients. But no one knows whether his was “the right” decision — not even him.

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