Are you a good candidate for the TAPUR study? If so, sign up!

Nearly a year ago now, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) first announced plans to initiate an innovative trial of a personalized medicine initiative called the Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) study.

Prostate cancer patients are eligible to participate in the TAPUR study if:

  • They have advanced prostate cancer that has
  • Stopped responding to standard treatment(s) and
  • They do or may have some form of genomic variation that can be targeted with other anti-cancer drugs that are not necessarily approved for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The trial is now scheduled to start on March 14, 2016, and will actually be open to any cancer patient in America who has a solid tumor or a couple of types of blood cancer.

If you are interested in being a participant in this trial, click here to learn more.

3 Responses

  1. I have prostate cancer. How do I find out if it’s “some form of genomic variation”?

  2. Dear Ken:

    You would have to have at least one of a number of different types of test carried out on either tissue from your original biopsy sample or on a biopsy sample from one of your current tumors (if you have more advanced disease). However, such tests do not necessarily need to be carried out for you to express interest in participating in the TAPUR study. The tests would be done as a part of that study.

  3. I just passed the link along to some treatment-resistant friends. Thanks for the info.

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