How cancer metastasizes — a large-scale review

For those who are really interested in the slow if steady progress toward an understanding of why and how cancer cells metastasize out of the organ they are formed in (e.g., the prostate) to spread through the body (e.g., the spine, other bones, the lungs, the liver, etc.) … most of the April 8 issue of Science magazine is devoted to this topic.

The more we learn, the more complex the issue appears to become … kinda like the fact that once we had discovered protons, electrons, and neutrons, we then started discovered that they weren’t really the only “fundamental particles” at all, and so now we also have positrons, photons, quarks, hadrons, and a spectrum of other forms of “particle” that we need to explain how subatomic physicians works!

For the obsessive and nerd-like, this week’s issue of Science will be fascinating. For the average patient — don’t even worry about it; it will largely be “Greek” to you!

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