AUA annual meeting abstracts now on line

For those interested in combing through the abstracts of presentations and posters at this year’s annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA), to be held in San Diego on May 6 through May 10, those abstracts are now up on line.

2 Responses

  1. Another great link! Wonderful that the AUA is making these abstracts and accompanying tables and graphs available online with a good search engine. There’s a huge amount of information, including many abstracts on active surveillance outcomes. Disappointments: hardly any randomized controlled trials between treatment classes (AS, RP, radiation therapies, ablation therapies). I couldn’t find any abstracts reporting results from truly novel therapeutics such as chemotherapies or immunotherapies. There was another meta-analysis concluding that statin use lowers prostate cancer mortality appreciably — perhaps this has contributed to reductions in mortality over the past two decades. But, again, there appear to be no prospective trials to evaluate this possibility.

  2. Great link. I’d be interested in your review of MP76-20: Prospective long-term outcome of erectile function in men treated by prostate brachytherapy (Richard Stock, New York, NY, Nelson Stone, Vail, CO).

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