An Eastern medicine effective and safe for ED, maybe

According to data from a late-breaking abstract for a poster to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) in San Diego in May this year, a traditional type of Eastern medicine may improve erectile function.

We should immediately be clear that this study did not specifically include men with prostate cancer, so we have no evidence that the medicine would improve erectile function in men with prostate cancer post-treatment. However, KBMSI-2 might be worth a try if you’ve run out of other options.

The poster by Koo et al. (see Late-Breaking Science & Technology Posters; abstract no. LB-S&T-08) states that KBMSI-2 is an herbal formula made up from Ginseng Radix Rubra, Dioscorea tenuipes, Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc., Lycium chinense Mill, and Curcuma logna Linn. It has previously been shown to improve erectile function in a diabetic rat model.

In the most recent study, the authors investigated the efficacy and safety of KBMSI-2 in men with erectile dysfunction (ED). You can find the original study protocol on the Clinical web site.

Patients were randomized to treatment with either a placebo or KBMSI-2 (6 g) twice a day for 8 weeks at least 1 h after food intake. The trial was small, enrolling just 44 patients, of whom 41 actually completed theprotocol. After the 8 weeks of treatment, based on data from validated self-evaluation questionnaires, the patients treated with KBMSI-2 appear to have shown significant increases in IIEF-EF scores and intercourse satisfaction compared to the men on the placebo. Only one patient had an adverse event, which was mild in severity.

Koo et al. claim that:

KBMSI-2 resulted in significant improvements in [erectile function], as measured by the IIEF-EF and intercourse satisfaction domains in patients with ED. … KBMSI-2 has the potential to expand the treatment options for ED.

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink is going to need to see rather more data before we could possibly considering recommending KBMSI-2 as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction among men with this condition consequent to radical prostatectomy or other forms of treatment for prostate cancer.

On the other hand, as far as we are aware, this is the only “traditional” Eastern medicine that has been able to demonstrate effectiveness and safety for the treatment of ED in an (albeit small) randomized clinical trial.

3 Responses

  1. No mention of where to get some KBMSI-2?

  2. Doug:

    I have no idea whether it is even available in the USA at this time. The trial was done in South Korea, I think.

  3. Eastern medicines are usually marketed under a formula name and not marketed by extracting the ingredients for their unique qualities. So this formula is probably available in Asian markets.

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