Is smoking associated with prostate cancer-specific mortality?

According to a news report on the NBC News web site today, the decline in smoking across America appears to “track with” the decline in prostate cancer-specific mortality.

You can find the NBC story here. It is based on a report by Jones et al. in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.

We would emphasize that it is not possible to state categorically that stopping smoking lowers risk for prostate cancer. We can’t prove cause and effect. What Jones and her colleagues report, however, is that there certainly appears to be a strong association between the two (in the data from the four states that they looked at) and that that association appears to “kick in” as soon as men stop smoking (as opposed to if you stop smoking and the reduction in risk happens several years later).

Your sitemaster is pleased to report that, after smoking like a chimney for the best past of 30 years, he managed to turn off the tap in the late 1990s!

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