A “shopping war” for Medivation?

It appears that the major pharma companies have initiated yet another merger frenzy, with at least two companies expressing interest in acquiring Medivation (the company that developed enzalutamide/Xtandi).

Whether this is really of any great significance to the average patient with progressive prostate cancer in the short term is open to question. Medivation seems to be trying hard to avoid being acquired, but both Sanofi and Pfizer are now known to have shown a very clear interest in acquiring Medivation — for a lot of money. And then there is the question of whether Astellas (with whom Medivation is partnered in marketing enzalutamide) might want to get involved.

In addition to enzalutamide, which is currently being tested in the treatment of men with non-metastatic forms of prostate cancer. Medivation also has a so-called PARP inhibitor in development (which may have value in the treatment of BRCA 1/2-positive forms of prostate cancer).

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