What does “value” mean for prostate cancer patients?

Many readers who weren’t able to join us on yesterday’s CureTalk panel discussion may want to listen to what was a wide-ranging discussion about things that are really valuable to prostate cancers patients at diagnosis and along their prostate cancer journey.

The entire, recorded hour-long discussion is already available on the CureTalks web site if you click here.

Your sitemaster would like to thank the panelists who kindly participated in this discussion yesterday:

  • Tony Crispino, of the Las Vegas chapter of Us TOO International and the genitourinary patient advocate for the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG)
  • Paul Carpenter, a patient and prostate cancer advocate based in southern California
  • Rick Davis, a patient and prostate cancer advocate who works closely with the prostate cancer management group at the University of California, San Francisco
  • Jan Manarite, Vice President of Advocacy and Education, Patient Advocates Helping Choices in Treatment (PAACT)
  • Joel Nowak, a patient and Director, Advanced Prostate Cancer Program, Malecare

As the healthcare and the medical communities have started to become engaged in what is liable to be a long and complex discussion about the “value” of different aspects of healthcare delivery, the issue of what is of greatest importance to patients is still not very well defined or characterized.

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