The Idiot’s Guide to Prostate Cancer

So the people who publish the “Idiot’s Guides” have now made it possible to develop online content through their web site. We decided to take advantage of that opportunity.

We therefore developed and “published” an “Idiot’s Guide to Prostate Cancer” that is available on line if you click on the link.

Please understand that this is a very simple introduction, but it might be a useful resource for friends, acquaintances, and family members who really know nothing at all about prostate cancer and want a 5-minute introduction to the absolute basics. It is certainly no more than that.

Have a look if you are interested … and if you think it is horrible, please let us know!

5 Responses

  1. Typo here? “Several different types of external mean radiation therapy…”

  2. Thanks Glenn. You are right. … Duly corrected.

  3. Thanks for the share. I’ll spread it around as well.

  4. Good introduction. I’ll add a link to it on my blog’s resources page.

    I know it’s meant to be an introduction to the newly diagnosed, but did you consider adding any discussion on the likelihood of recurrence after primary treatment, and what treatment options are available based on initial treatment if there is recurrence? That was definitely a factor in my treatment decision. Just a thought…

  5. Dear Dan.

    Actually I was not writing this for the newly diagnosed at all. I was writing it for any person who, for whatever reason, asks the question, “What is the minimum I need to know about prostate cancer and my [or a family member’s] risk for getting it?” One way to think about this article is that it is what I would want the average young man to know about prostate cancer by the time he is reaching maturity at (say) 18 to 21 years of age.

    Yes. I did consider the issue you asked about, but — at least in my mind — this would have required extended explanation that is certainly necessary for the patients like you who were (presumably) high risk at diagnosis, but which is not a significant factor for the undiagnosed. My goal was to provide a very basic, introductory set of information. It certainly isn’t perfect, but then I knew that going in and did the best that I could. I also provided the multiple more detailed informational sources for those who really needed more information — specifically including information for the newly diagnosed.

    If you think there is a brief sentence that I could add somewhere that addresses the issue you raise, then I am certainly listening, but a brief sentence is really the limit of what I think would be valuable here.

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