Pfizer to buy Medivation (developer of Xtandi)

According to news this morning, Pfizer has entered into a merger agreement which will allow the company to buy Medivation (the developer of enzalutamide, also known as Xtandi). Rumors had been rife since last Friday.

The implications of this for the prostate cancer physician and patient community are unknown at this time. The one thing that we can be sure about (given the amount of money that Pfizer was willing to pay for the company) is that Pfizer thinks that Medivation’s assets — which include other development-stage drugs in addition to Xtandi — are extremely valuable.

At least in the short term, we assume that Xtandi will continue to be marketed by both Pfizer and Astellas here in the USA and by Astellas in most of the rest of of the world. However, given Pfizer’s global presence as a pharmaceutical company, it may try to renegotiate the current arrangements about global marketing of Xtandi over time. You can also read a media release issued by Pfizer if you click here.

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  1. The $64K question will be, “What effect, if any, will this have on the price of Xtandi? If Pfizer’s history on the price of Viagra is any indication, the current price of Xtandi will have a long ride.

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