“Palliative care” is supportive care, not hospice care

On October 17 (next Monday) at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, our friends at CureTalks will be running a call-in teleconference on palliative care for cancer patients that may be of interest to some of our readers.

This program on “Demystifying Palliative Care” will explain the distinctions between palliative (i.e., supportive) care and hospice care — with which it is all too often confused. Your can click on the prior link to get detailed information and register to listen to the program.

The primary speaker will be Shirley Otis-Green, Clinical Director of Consulting Services with the Coalition of Compassionate Care of California, who will try to “demystify” palliative care and explain how palliative care addresses issues related to the quality of life of patients who have a life-threatening disease — including management of psychological and social problems and the prevention and treatment of symptoms and side effects of the disease itself and of earlier forms of treatment.

While this particular CureTalks program is not being conducted in concert with Prostate Cancer International, we still feel that it may be of interest to some of our readers and to many prostate cancer support group leaders around the world.

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