Caring in medicine … and a case study in change

As many readers will know, your sitemaster can be a little obsessed by how the medical community can bring extraordinary technology and skill to the provision of medical interventions (for prostate cancer and every other serious disorder), but simultaneously have little to no awareness of an oft-apparent failure to provide the “care” that their patients so desperately need.

Many of you may like to read an astonishingly insightful article (“A view from the edge — creating a culture of caring“) in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine on exactly this topic — by a then young and pregnant physician whose liver suddenly ruptured a few years ago. The entire article is accessible on line.

I shan’t spoil her tale by giving details, but her experience changed the entire way she thought about what she did as a doctor … and this article should be required reading for every physician, at least once a year, from the time he or she enters medical school for the rest of his or her life as a practicing doctor.

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