Conference call/webinar on bipolar androgen therapy (BAT)

For those who are interested, the Answer Cancer Foundation has let us know that they will be holding an educational conference call/webinar at 8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific) today on the subject of bipolar androgen therapy in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

The main speaker on the call will be Samuel Denmeade, MD, of Johns Hopkins Medicine, who is a lead researcher in this field.

To get detailed information about this call please click here for general background and click here for details about how to join the program (either by phone alone or through the Go-to-Meeting system).

If you want to get the basic background on bipolar androgen therapy first, you could have a look at this commentary on this web site.

Post-webinar follow-up: For those who were unable to catch the live show, it is now possible to listen to the entire presentation and watch Dr. Denmeade’s slide presentation if you click here for the Youtube link. If you just want to be able to review Dr. Denmeade’s slides, please click here.

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