Videos from the 2017 APCCC in St. Gallen, Switzerland

The Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference was held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on March 9 to 11, and there are a series of video interviews about some of the presentations now available on the UroToday web site, including:

You will have to be registered with UroToday to watch/listen to these videos, but there is no cost associated with such registration.

Alas your sitemaster doesn’t have the funds to go galivanting off to Switzerland to attend all these meetings!

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  1. BRCA2

    Quite a bit of the fourth interview was devoted to BRCA2 mutations. From Q&A to Dr. Charles Myers after his talk in September at the Conference on Prostate Cancer (Los Angeles) I learned that about 30% of men failing Taxotere chemotherapy had a mutation in BRCA2 or a related protein. It appears that such patients have a response to Lynparza (olaparib), a PARP inhibitor (the “parib” part of the name), of about 100%! My impression is that that response means the chemo will work again. Dr. Nick Vogelzang also talked about Lynparza at the Los Angeles conference, as did others. The interviewer and expert here alluded to this but did not spell it out, likely because their audience was mainly well informed oncologists and oncologic researchers.

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