Informing the media community about prostate cancer and its management

A new article on the HealthNewsReview web site addresses issues related to the diagnosis of prostate cancer and the management of low-risk forms of the disease using active surveillance. It also features a 15-minute podcast that features Howard Wolinksy and his decisions along his now 6-year-long journey on active surveillance.

It is worth remembering that the HealthNewsReview web site is primarily focused on educating and informing journalists about how to do their jobs well by bringing attention to important areas of the news and their coverage by the media (when that coverage is good and also when it is less good). From that perspective, it is good to see HealthNewsReview providing this type of in-depth coverage of the prostate cancer news.

In addition to the podcast featuring our friend Howard, the article also offers a number of other links to information that will be interesting to some readers.

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