More video interviews from the APCCC in St. Gallen

Our friends at UroToday have just posted another four video interviews from the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference at St. Gallen in Switzerland, some of which are likely to be of interest to some of our readers. They include:


2 Responses

  1. Sitemaster,

    You have enthusiastically given your support for the Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project at the Broad Institute, and I am participating. Are you similarly in support of the Ironman Registry and would you also encourage eligible men to participate in that study? Thank you.


  2. Dear Richard:

    I have no detailed knowledge about the Ironman Registry. It doesn’t seem to have a patient advisory board. And it isn’t collecting genetic data.

    On the other hand, it clearly has a lot of smart clinicians involved.

    I am supportive of all good, large, well-organized registry studies that can potentially develop data that may help us to better understand the evolution and management of prostate cancer. However, it truth I can’t understand why there are two different studies like this being done. Why wouldn’t they just be combined together?


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