Nearer to a simple, cost-effective blood test for diagnosis of cancer(s)?

According to a report on the Reuters web site this morning, an Indian company called Strand Life Sciences that is based in Bengaluru (Bangalore) has just launched (in India) a simple blood test that may be usable to diagnose a whole spectrum of different types of cancer.

The Reuters report includes the following statements:

[this] test is designed to decode genetic information, which in turn will assist doctors to match patients with treatments most likely to help with their particular type of cancer — an approach that is increasingly becoming the medical norm.

A 125-patient study showed that Strand’s technology could identify tumor traces in up to 35 percent of cases with early-stage cancer and 70-90 percent of cases with advanced cancer.


Strand’s tests will be sold for 20,000 Indian rupees ($310), while similar technology in the United States costs more than $3,000.

Now whether such a test has value in the diagnosis of prostate cancer is still not clear. What is of rather more importance here is the idea that a we are getting closer and closer to the idea that a simple blood test may be able to diagnose many types of cancer (prostate cancer included, we hope) with considerable accuracy, and — given the cost of this test — with considerably greater cost-efficiency too.

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