William (“Bill”) Manning … R.I.P.

We regret to inform readers that Bill Manning passed away earlier this week … undoubtedly from his prostate cancer or complications thereof. Our  thoughts are with his family and his many friends.

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  1. Bill’s concern and support for those of us similarly afflicted by prostate cancer is widely known and universally appreciated. He showed us how to battle … to not back down … He’ll be missed!

  2. A man of intelligence, dignity, and grace. I salute you, Bill.

  3. The pain and suffering are now over. Bill was a heroic example of fighting this disease with every weapon available. May he Rest in Peace.


  4. Bill was a gentleman in every regard. Kind, generous and giving. He will be deeply missed. RIP dear Bill.


  5. I am so saddened to learn of this news.

    I met Bill on this site and we started communicating soon after my diagnosis in 2007. At that time he was still competing in triathlons, and very supportive of my efforts to spread exercise.

    Since then we have been in constant albeit intermittent touch on this site, on Inspire, by phone, and occasionally on our AnCan advanced prostate cancer virtual support network where he would discuss treatment options he was trying — like Cytoxan last Fall.

    He fought so hard and bravely and stayed with us long past his “sell-by-date” – a real tribute to his courage.

    Many of us will miss his wisdom, advice, and considered responses. Only this week I referred someone to Dan Petrylak at Yale based on Bill’s good experiences and recommendation.

    On behalf of myself and all the Answer Cancer/Reluctant Brotherhood family, I wish his family much comfort — may his memory be a blessing to us all,

    Onward & upwards,


  6. I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask questions but I am so frustrated right now. I have been referred to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota by my oncologist here in Florida to get the C-11 choline test. I was led to believe that Medicare is now paying for this test, but I can’t get a straight answer from either Medicare of Mayo regarding this $16,000 test. Has anyone out there had this test done, and was it covered by Medicare? I don’t want to fly out there and then get a big surprise of having to pay out of pocket for this.

    Richard Morrow

  7. Dear Richard:

    I think the problem is that the decision whether to cover the cost of a C-11 choline PET scan varies from region to region (see the article at this link). The people at the Mayo Clinic may not actually know the situation for each region, and you may have to pay for this yourself and then make a claim against Medicare in your region. So … The first and most important thing you are going to need to find out is whether the Medicare contractor for your region is going to cover this test if you go to the Mayo to get it done.

  8. I am so sorry to read about Bill’s passing. I’ve appreciated being able to read his posts — his journey. So much of it is similar to my husband’s journey. Bill’s wisdom and the information he has shared with all of us is greatly appreciated.

    What brought me to this site is that my husband was diagnosed November 2012 with Stage IV metastatic prostate cancer involving lymph nodes and bones. My husband has had Xtandi, Zytiga, doxataxel and Jevtana (cabazitaxel), Lupron and Provenge, along with 40 rounds of radiation, and there is little left to try. Thinking this is what is called palliative care — keeping him comfortable. Hoping there is something else — we shall see. His cognition is failing badly — and who is going to fill Bill’s shoes — to answer my many questions. Bill, you will be missed — you already are missed.

  9. I am deeply saddened to learn of Bill’s passing. He and I had exchanged a couple of messages over the past few years as we shared a common occupation (CFO), and a desire to travel around this great country and the world while battling this insidious disease.

    He was a good man and an inspiration for all of us living with advanced prostate cancer. God Bless you Bill Manning — you will be missed!

  10. Bill was like a radioman on a sinking ship, remaining at his post to the end in order to continue transmitting his message as long as possible. And it was more a message of hope and encouragement than distress.

    Clearly, that was his style. Great courage, presence of mind, and concern for others. We, his beneficiaries, remain forever in his debt.

  11. Maybe a tribute to Bill’s memory and honor would be appropriate if posted in thenirvanaportal.com. It is one way to keep his memory eternal, respecting his love for his fellow man …

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