STAMPEDE group to present abiraterone survival data at ASCO too

We have just heard from the STAMPEDE trial group in the UK that they will be presenting overall survival data from the “abiraterone comparison” arm of the STAMPEDE trial at the upcoming ASCO meeting this year.

The abiraterone comparison arm of the STAMPEDE trial (also known as Arm G of this multi-arm trial) is the arm in which patients newly diagnosed with metastatic or micrometastatic prostate cancer (M0 and M1 disease) were randomized to treatment with either standard care (an orchiectomy or an LHRH agonist along with radiation therapy when appropriate) or with standard care + abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) + prednisone.

We understand that the STAMPEDE group was able to randomize nearly 2,000 patients to this arm of the trial by January 2014, so these patients will all have been followed for something close to 3 years or more (if the data comparison is based on a data analysis at the end of 2016).

It is also worth noting that enrollment to the abiraterone + enzalutamide comparison arm of the STAMPEDE trial (Arm J) was also completed on March 31, 2016, suggesting that we may have data from this arm in 2018 or at least 2019. The number of patients enrolled to this arm of the trial was of the order of 1,800 men (again with M0 or M1 prostate cancer).

2 Responses

  1. I have been successful with the addition of abiraterone/Zytiga to Lupron and dutasteride/Avodart since September 2, 2011, but with slow but continuing elevation of my PSA from a low of 0.32 ng/ml during the Zytiga run to most recent 0.949 ng/ml. I now have enzalutamide/Xtandi on order to arrive within a few days to replace Zytiga. So, in my case, abiraterone/Zytiga provided me control and management of my recurrent prostate cancer failing usual ADT for 5 years 8 months. We shall see if a change to androgen receptor control with enzalutamide/Xtandi reverses the PSA rise. I gave metformin HC a try with early appearance of effectiveness, but that addition turned out to be of only brief effectiveness so was discontinued.

  2. Another anecdotal plus: I’ve been on abiteraterone/Zytiga monotherapy for nearly 3 years, with a stable, very low PSA fluctuating around 0.04.

    When I say “monotherapy”, I mean without any LHRH agonist/antagonist like the “-relin” meds (e.g., Lupron/Eligard/Zoladex/Trelstar) or “-relix meds” (e.g., Firmagon/Cetrotide/Antagon).

    Like Chuck, I have strategies in reserve for when my current regimen starts to fail.

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