Dr. Charles Ryan’s blogs on the UroToday web site

Many readers may be interested in knowing that Dr. Charles Ryan (a medical oncologist at the University of California, San Francisco) is now blogging about prostate cancer in his capacity as one of the “centers of excellence” editors for the UroToday web service.

The following are links to the first three blog posts by Dr. Ryan, all dealing with issues relevant to the management of advanced forms of prostate cancer:

Dr. Ryan has also posted a brief introduction to what he plans to be doing on this blog site.

One Response

  1. Fascinating; thank you for posting. The “virility triad” post ties in to BAT interestingly indeed. In my (highly individual, not recommended for others) active surveillance regime on atorvastatin and metformin I have noticed symptoms of reduced androgens (as might be expected) so I might individualize it further with 6 months off and see which way the PSA needle moves. … (How hard it moves up, I should say.)

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