PROs, quality of care, quality of outcome, and quality of life

As regular readers will be aware, your sitemaster is mildly obsessed with issues related to the quality of care that prostate cancer patients receive over time (as well as the quality of specific types of care at specific points in time).

Given that perspective, he was very interested in a video presentation just posted on the UroToday web site and given Dr. Alicia Morgans of Vanderbildt University in Nashville, TN. The presentation is entitled “Patient-reported outcomes (PROs): personalizing care in clinical practice“. It lasts for about 25 minutes, and seems to have been recorded a little while ago (i.e., before the ASCO meeting in June this year).

Dr. Morgans’ research has been highly focused on the subject of patient-reported outcomes and related matters in the treatment of prostate cancer and other urologic cancers. Her video presentation provides an update on that topic that is specific to prostate cancer but encompasses data from the use of PROs in other forms of cancer management.

Your sitemaster is of the opinion that we are only at the beginning of starting to understand how PROs and the types of brief questionnaires needed to collect this type of data can contribute to patient quality of life and quality of care and the shared decision-making processes that are related to these issues. However, if there is anyone who is on the “cutting edge” as regards the use of such processes in the management of prostate cancer, it is Dr. Morgans and people like Dr. Ethan Basch (whose recent work she refers to in this presentation).

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