An update from Howard Wolinsky — on active surveillance + type 2 diabetes (and the power of diet)

So regular readers will be aware of several articles by Howard Wolinsky on his experiences as a man monitoring low-risk prostate cancer on active surveillance since 2010. Apparently this was insufficiently challenging. In June he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2B) as well.

Howard’s latest contribution to the MedPage Today web site is entitled, “A patient’s journey: learning to eat right.” He’s working hard to prove (at least to himself and his dieticians) that with focused attention to one’s diet one can control T2D and continue control over one’s prostate cancer risk too.

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  1. Greta Macaire, who works with Nathalie Ledesma at UCSF, recently delivered a virtual lecture on nutrition and prostate cancer. That lecture, together with the pamphlet Howard refers to, and its voluminous, footnoted references, can all be watched/downloaded at this link.

  2. Howard’s success is inspiring!

    I’m curious whether Howard is now actually taking the 2000 mg of metformin that his family doctor mentioned along with diet.

    Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers devoted virtually his entire talk at the 2016 Conference on Prostate Cancer to metformin’s beneficial influence, both for diabetic and non-diabetic patients, presenting a masterful exposition of key research (Spratt/Zelefsky retrospective for radiation patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 2013; also Nobes 2012, etc.) in the context of critical signaling pathways for prostate cancer that are favorably influenced by metformin. Dr. Myers also emphasized the drug’s role in weight control and other aspects of the metabolic syndrome.

  3. Thanks Rick. I’m deferring the video to another time as it is over an hour, but I looked at all the vugraphs, which were excellent. Everything looked sound from my viewpoint; it’s what I’ve been following for about two decades now.

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