Congress approves $100 million in prostate cancer research funding through DoD

When it passed the Omnibus appropriations bill for the financial year 2018 at the end of last week, Congress increased funding for prostate cancer research from $80 to $100 million through the Department of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDRMP).

Assuming that the President signs off on this piece of legislation, this will be a huge boost to the prostate cancer research community, and Prostate Cancer International wishes to thank

  • All the prostate cancer advocates, patients, and members of the prostate cancer research community who have fought so hard to increase the funding for the Prostate Cancer Research Program within the CDMRP
  • All the Congressmen, Congresswomen, and their staff in Washington, DC, who have supported this increase in funding and worked together to make it happen

The Prostate Cancer Research Program has, for many years, been the single largest annual source of funding in the world that is specifically dedicated to research into prostate cancer, its detection, and its management. This increase in funding will help to maintain the enormous progress made over the past decade, and we need to start working hard now to maintain at least this funding level for 2019 and into the future.

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  1. Kinda bugs me that ZERO took sole credit!!

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