A prostate cancer book that is uniquely useful

There is a large number of books for patients that deal with a diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. However, there is a relatively small number of books that are really valuable for a large number of men (and their partners) who have to deal with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Very few books on prostate cancer ever make it into a second edition.

We are therefore delighted to see the publication of a second edition of Androgen Deprivation Therapy: An Essential Guide for Prostate Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones, by Wassersug et al.

If you owned the first edition, you will probably want to replace it.

If you want to know how to cope with all of the numerous ways that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT, also known as “hormone” therapy) can affect how it feels to be a man, this book can help you with that.

If you aren’t getting sufficiently practical advice from your doctor about what you can do to “live well” on ADT, this book can give you specifics (including some very detailed specifics).

If you are a prostate cancer support group leader and you don’t have a copy of this book, you are under-informed.

We only very rarely recommend books on prostate cancer, because all too often they are out of date by the time that they are published. And we should be clear that a new drug (apalutimide) was approved for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer very shortly before the book “went to the presses”, so it only gets the briefest of mentions. However, we shall quote what Anne Katz, PhD, RN, has to say about this book:

This comprehensive guide to living and loving while on ADT should be required reading for all men prescribed this class of drugs, From the physical to the emotional and sexual side effects, this self-help book covers all the information men and their partners need.

That’s quite a statement from a woman who has spent much of her life helping men and their partners come to terms with a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

And, we would add another statement:

This comprehensive guide to living and loving while on ADT should be required reading for every physician who writes prescriptions for ADT, so that they have a very clear understanding of what they are doing to men who need to be treated this way.

With that thought to motivate you, you can get more information by going to Life on ADT, or you can get yourself a copy by going to your book store or to this link on Amazon.

2 Responses

  1. As was Sitemaster and many other friends and physicians of whom I am aware who have spent years in research and study of our insidious men’s disease Prostate Cancer, I was honored to have entered my kudos in the preface to this important book authored by Richard Wassersug, Lauren Walker, and John Robinson. As a continuing ADT patient for the past over 21 years and online mentor to men and their caregivers worldwide, I cannot recommend more highly this book to every physician who prescribes ADT, to every prostate cancer support group, and to every man and/or his caregiver who is to be prescribed ADT.

  2. This looks indeed like a good book. I will send the advert to the two urologists who actually helped me. No oncologist in Uppsala told me a thing, and had I not spoken with an American oncologist I might not have known about the osteoporosis risk. I have that now, and was the first Uppsala patient to find out and to act on that knowledge. As one doctor told me right after I learned about BMD tests, “It is not in Sweden’s tradition.” It is now.

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