Understanding the genetics of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

For those who are interested in this evolving topic, we recommend listening to Dr. Charles Ryan’s 16-minute-long discussion with Heather Cheng, MD, PhD, entitled “Genetic evaluation and counseling in prostate cancer treatment”.

This interview was posted to the UroToday site a few days ago. You do have to register with the UroToday web site to access their content, but there is no charge and there is often some very insightful commentary and discussion about this type of evolving topic.

Dr. Cheng is is the Director of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Prostate Cancer Genetics Clinic and an assistant professor in the Division of Medical Oncology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, also in Seattle.

3 Responses

  1. You could also mention that Dr. Cheng is still recruiting metastatic prostate cancer patients for her Gentlemen genetic study into which I was accepted by e-mail here in North Carolina. For info and how to participate, see this article.

  2. Dear Lowell:

    And have you also enrolled in the genetic project being run out of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA? See here.

  3. Dear Sitemaster,

    Yes I am also involved in that study, too, and after submitting a saliva sample just received a tube for blood to be drawn for a liquid biopsy.



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