News hiatus from your sitemaster

Your sitemaster is very conscious that he has “gone dark” over the past couple of weeks, and he hopes to be back to a regular posting schedule either this weekend or early next week.

Unfortunately life tends to intervene in busy schedules and when those interventions are combined with events like brief vacations and Thanksgiving it can become impossible to do all the things one would like to be able to do in a timely manner!

6 Responses

  1. Everyone deserves a break. Enjoy your time away.

  2. We miss you, but you deserve a break. Enjoy it!!

  3. In short, “When you are up to your butt in Alligators, it is very hard to remember your mission was to drain the swamp.” 😂

  4. Take some time. Catch a breather and enjoy family and friends. 👍

  5. Have a good break, you work very hard and do fine posts.

  6. Dear Sitemaster Mike:

    When one works as hard as you do in research and study to provide us the latest in prostate cancer research, medications, and treatment throughout the year, a “hiatus” is a given as well-deserved! Thanks for being here for us and may God provide you good health to continue your presence!

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