Detailed data from the APCCC meeting in Basel now available

Last August your sitemaster attended and reported from the third iteration of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC), held in Basel, Switzerland (see here, here, and here).

The full 40-page-long text of the report from this consensus conference (by Gillessen et al.) has now been published in European Urology, and interested readers can get detailed information about the matters on which there was clear consensus among the expert attendees … and the rather larger number of issues affecting the management of advanced forms of prostate cancer on which consensus still has to be achieved. There are certainly some in the patient community who will want to read through the entire paper for themselves.

Your sitemaster has not yet had a chance to read through this entire paper, but he will try to do so over the next few days in order to draw attention to some key issues for readers. What your sitemaster would like to do immediately, however, — and again — is congratulate Drs. Gillessen and Omlin (the meeting co-chairs) and their many collaborators on the quality of this meeting and the speed with which they have been bale to make this detailed report available to the many physicians responsible for treatment men with advanced prostate cancer, not to mention the patients themselves.

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