FamGenix — a family health history app

As the Democratic Party discovered this week in Iowa, apps can have problems. However, there are also apps that prove to be very useful straight out of the gate — and they can be improved over time too.

A new app has been launched this week that its developers claim “might be the single, most important indicator of what diseases you are most susceptible to throughout your life and the ones closest to you.” Obviously men with prostate cancer — and people with many other types of cancer too — may want to make sure that they are passing relevant risk information down to their descendants. In this case, the FamGenix app may be the app for you and your children! However, …

As yet we don’t know — in terms of real world data — how good apps like this are in being able to project and predict risk for disease in specific individuals. The only way we will be able to work that out is to actually use these types of program and carefully document patient outcomes over time.

It seems likely to your sitemaster that at least some of the readers of the InfoLink columns would be interested in testing out this app and seeing just how useful it may be in assessing the risk for prostate cancer (and perhaps other disorders) in their own families. So …

If you go to the FamGenix home page, you can find links to download the app for both Android and Google Play. Furthermore, if you want to provide feedback to the company about the app and its usefulness (both pros and cons), you can click here to get to an FAQ page. If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you will find a form that allows you to submit information about any issues (both pros and cons) that you come across in using the app, as well as other forms of relevant feedback. The developer (FamHis, Inc.)is seriously interested in receiving this sort of feedback, so don’t be shy!

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