First of six FREE webinars on making well-informed prostate cancer decisions

On Wednesday, May 26, the Cancer Support Community together with Prostate Cancer International will be holding the first of a series of six FREE educational webinars for patients and family members.

As we have become better at identifying the risk level of prostate cancer at the several major stages in what can be a long prostate cancer journey, it has become more and more important that patients learn how to work with their doctors to assess the risks associated with their disease before they take decisions about any immediate or later form of treatment.

This series of educational webinars will therefore focus on the evolving methods for the diagnosis and work-up of patients that will allow them the best understanding of how they might respond to the evolving spectrum of management options that might be appropriate in their individual cases.

The first of these webinars will be on

Diagnosis and Work-up of Men with Relatively Low-Risk Prostate Cancer:
What You Need to Know

The speaker will be M. Minhaj Siddiqui, MD, a urologic oncologist specializing in the management of prostate cancer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Siddiqui will give an opening presentation for about 25 minutes, starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern (4:00 p.m. Pacific) on the evening of May 26. There will then be opportunities for attendees to pose questions to Dr. Siddiqui for the following hour, with the meeting ending at about 8:30 p.m. Eastern (5:30 p.m. Pacific).

You will be able to take advantage of this educational webinar in three ways:

This webinar will be particularly useful to cancer and prostate cancer support group leaders, patients diagnosed with or at risk for localized forms of prostate cancer, and their families. Dr. Siddiqui will address all of the issues and evolving tests that help to define patients with lower-risk forms of prostate cancer, including those who are or are not potentially good candidates for initial management on active surveillance (AS) as opposed to needing immediate treatment for their cancer.

Further webinars will be held on the last Wednesday of June through October this year. The second such webinar with address Diagnosis and Work-up of Men with Relatively High-Risk Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know, and the speaker will be Eric Klein, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.

We wish to emphasize that these webinars are not supported by any commercial sponsor.

2 Responses

  1. Do not see it at the link for you tube.

  2. We will be making the recordings available on YouTube through the Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky.

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