Patient survey re active surveillance

AnCan, UsTOO, and Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI) are working together to conduct a survey of the experiences of men who are on active surveillance (AS), have ever considered AS, or were at one time on AS. Spouses/partners of such men are also able to participate.

They are interested in getting people to complete this survey as soon as is reasonably possible — ideally by the end of the current week.

Here is some detailed information provided by AnCan:

AnCan recognizes the AS community has particular needs that are often left unrecognized by both healthcare providers and support groups. In an effort to address that need, and to provide better services and support, we have designed a questionnaire to explore your quality of care and support. Together with our brothers and sisters at ASPI, we are sending this survey to our participants.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please answer all question – your Care Partners may complete on your behalf and/or for themselves. But please do not fill out more than once on behalf of the same person.

Click here to open and complete the survey. The survey is anonymous, although we ask for a voluntary quote at the end of the survey where you may self-identify if you wish.

By donating just 10 minutes of your time, AnCan believes we can make a big difference to your AS experience. Providers are finally paying attention to the patient voice. If selected, we will have an opportunity to dialog directly with urologists at the American Urological Association this coming September. To do that we need your cooperation and a BIG response to the survey. Together, we can show the gaps in service.

We also plan to use this information to improve the level of AS support and education in your local support groups where it is often lacking.

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