The incidence of prostate cancer in Africa

Our knowledge about the true incidence of prostate cancer in Africa is still extremely limited. But we know that the risk for prostate cancer among men of African ancestry in the Caribbean and in the Americas is much higher that that of men of European ancestry. … READ MORE …

The state of prostate cancer management in Senegal, West Africa

We hear remarkably little about what is happening in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer from developing countries in Africa and elsewhere, so a recent paper in Progrès en Urologie is of some interest. Although the full text is in French, the abstract is available in English too. … READ MORE …

Information for Africa

Prostate Cancer International is pleased to announce the completion of “phase I” of its new Prostate Cancer Africa initiative. The long-term goal of this initiative is to ensure that sound, basic information about the risks of prostate cancer are available to every man in Africa, regardless of race or nationality.

In phase I of this initiative, the preliminary goal has been to provide standardized information in English broken down by nation. Now that this preliminary goal is complete, the intent is to work slowly but surely on accurate, standardized translations of the content into as many relevant languages as possible, by nation.