The Thursday news reports: March 12, 2009

We have dealt separately with a study on predictors of response to sildenafil (Viagra) following radiation therapy. Other major news reported today deals with:

  • Incidence, morbidity, and mortality of prostate cancer among men of West African ancestry
  • Risks associated with using folate supplements
  • Combination of ADT with EBRT in treatment of intermediate risk prostate cancer … READ MORE …

Your Sunday prostate cancer news: September 21

The current report covers news from last Thursday through this morning. (Your editor needed a couple of personal days for some quality time!)

  • The FTC has again sought to stop certain companies from making false advertising claims about cancer cures.
  • A new center is to focus on access to prostate cancer screening and partricipation in clinical trials among African-Americans in South Carolina.
  • An “opinion piece” in the International Herald Tribune addresses lifstyle-related issues and cancer risk.
  • A new study provides 2-year data on the use of Fosamax in prevention of bone loss for men under treatment with hormone therapy for prostate cancer. … READ MORE …