“Extreme apical sampling” and prostate cancer diagnosis

A new article in the September issue of Prostate addresses the potential benefits of “extreme apical sampling” during the initial biopsies of men at risk for prostate cancer based on such standard parameters as PSA level, positive/negative DRE, and related factors. … READ MORE …

Apical prostate cancer and recurrence after HIFU

The presence of prostate cancer in the apex (the lowest tip) of the prostate is always a challenging aspect for treatment of localized prostate cancer, because this places the cancer close to the nerves that control erectile function (potency) and to the sphincter (valve) that controls urine flow. … READ MORE …

Risk for positive surgical margins at the apex of the prostate

New research has suggested that “apical prostate depth” (as a measure of the anatomic situation of the prostate) is an independent risk factor for positive surgical margins at the apex (bottom) of the prostate at the time of radical prostatectomy. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In today’s new reports we summarize information from recent papers dealing with:

  • Apical biopsy cores in initial diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • Imaging studies in the initial work-up of newly diagnosed patients
  • Intrafascial dissection of peri-prostatic tissue during laparoscopic surgery
  • Similarity of short-term rates of biochemical recurrence after open surgery or RALP
  • Does how we define post-surgical biochemical recurrence matter — and if so, when? … READ MORE …

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