Does prostatic inflammation lead to later prostate cancer?

A question that comes up all the time is whether there is any direct (i.e., cause and effect) association between prostate “inflammation” and a subsequent diagnosis of prostate cancer. … READ MORE …

A sudden squall about selenium

Apparently the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) “is threatening to sue” Bayer HealthCare “for ‘misleading men’ about the benefits of” two of its selenium-containing One-A-Day products, … READ MORE …

Announcing a second “Open Conversation”

Prostate Cancer International and are collaborating with the Prostate Cancer Mission in the development of  an “Open Conversation” on prostate cancer, to be held at the Kovens Center, Florida International University, in North Miami, Florida on May 9, 2009. … READ MORE …

The vagina may not “be your friend,” but …

A while ago now, in “A note on NOTES,” Dr. Krongrad reported on his learnings from a symposium and workshop on single-port laparoscopic sugical techniques (as opposed to the common multi-port approches used by most urologists to carry out radical prostatectomy today). His article was widely read. … READ MORE …

A Note on NOTES

I write this from the Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. I write at the conclusion of the first day of the 1st International Summit on … um … er …

Some of it is clear. For example, we are talking about NOTES: Natural Orifice Translumenal Encoscopic Surgery. You know, the kind in which the surgeon removes your kidney through your vagina. You perhaps did not know that the vagina opened naturally to the kidney. Happily there are surgeons who do. … MORE …

Prostate Cancer in Cuba and Jamaica as Viewed from Turks and Caicos

kester-and-mauricio-sm.jpg The Miami medical delegation has arrived in the Turks and Caicos Islands to join a peer-to-peer conference organized by Abbe Bendel and Dr. Mauricio Lynn of the Jackson Memorial Hospital International Program. (In the photo, Dr Kester Nedd and Dr Mauricio Lynn are ready to go.) The meeting was hosted by Dr. Rufus Ewing of the Ministry of Health.

The main emphasis was acute care, ranging from stroke to major trauma. Still, me being me, I diverted discussion to prostate cancer.

Here are some observations: click here to read on

Prostate Cancer in the Caribbean

A discussion has unfolded on the Prostate Cancer InfoLink Caribbean Group forum. It has to do with the high mortality rates relative to incidence.

A question has been raised regarding stage at diagnosis, which, if late, can help to explain the ratio. Does anyone know where we can get good stage-at-diagnosis statistics for the Caribbean?

caribbean-figures.jpgClick the image on the right to see an enlarged version of the incidence and mortality table.    

Aggressive Prostate Cancer After Dietary Supplements

I recently guest blogged on Respectful Insolence, a site loaded with ramblings from a fellow surgeon. The subject was two men with aggressive prostate cancer. Both had taken supplements.

This is a cautionary tale. Click here to read Death by Supplements

Selenium and prostate cancer prevention

Dr. Krongrad points out that the media suggest that certain supplements “may” prevent prostate cancer. Using such jargon as “anti-oxidant,” the pitch plays on our emotions as we seek to stay healthy. There’s just one problem: the suggestions are without basis. Here he illustrates using the popular selenium as a proposed prostate cancer preventive as an example. … MORE

Surgeon experience and prostate cancer surgery

Before you sign up for prostate cancer surgery, find out if your surgeon has enough of the right sort of experience. This may seem obvious, but many patients get distracted by institutional reputations, the latest gizmo the hospital is promoting, or where their neighbor had his operation. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Focus on what you want from your surgeon. … MORE

Erection season

A woman told me that her husband had lost his erections after prostate cancer treatment. Her sister told me he had not. It took all my self-control to keep from starting a debate. Still, their words cause me to wonder: Do we use the same language in regards to erections? Not according to a recent panel of the American Urological Association. What it found has implications for how you react to the promises the doctor makes. … MORE

Dr. Krongrad Suggests Prostate Cancer Books

You can get information on the internet, but Dr. Krongrad suggests you also consider some books.

There are different kinds of prostate cancer books. First we have the encyclopedia, useful because it puts in one place everything you might want to know. And you can take it on the plane and to bed, places you rarely take your internet. As one great example of the prostate cancer encyclopedia I would cite the American Cancer Society’s Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer. In this book, written by medical experts, you can find basic definitions and learn about diagnosis and treatment. This kind of book will help you think of questions to ask. … MORE