Prostate cancer in men with advanced bladder cancer

A new article in the journal Urologic Oncology has highlighted an association between the occurrence of advanced bladder cancer and the related finding of prostate cancer among such patients who have their prostate removed along with their bladder at the time of initial surgery  for the bladder cancer (i.e., a radical cystoprostatectomy). … READ MORE …

More prostate cancer news: Tuesday, August 12

There are several interesting new papers reported today, and two very important ones (which have been addressed in separate posts). This post addresses:

  • A retrospective analysis of the relative predictive value of positive surgical margins following radical prostatectomy in the pre- and post-PSA eras
  • A new nursing model for management of urinary incontinence post-prostatectomy
  • The importance of assessing risk for transitional zone prostate cancer in patients already diagnosed with bladder cancer, and
  • A review of developing strategies for the treatment of late-stage prostate cancer
  • Other reports today address adjuvant vs. salvage radiation therapy and quality of care in management of early stage prostate cancer. … READ MORE …