Cabazitaxel + carboplatin in treatment of mCRPC

A newly published article in Lancet Oncology has suggested that “taxane–platinum combinations have a clinically beneficial role in advanced prostate cancer”. … READ MORE …

A small subgroup of patients with mCRPC responds to carboplatin + everolimus

There is an increasing level of evidence about our ability to identify small and carefully selected groups of patients with advanced disease who, despite the fact that they no longer respond to standard treatments, may respond well to other forms of therapy. … READ MORE …

Carboplatin + etopside in mCRPC: high toxicity and low efficacy

The results of the French Genito-Urinary Tumor Group (GETUG) P01 trial — a Phase II study of carboplatin and etoposide in men with progressive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) — have shown that this form of combination chemotherapy has limited efficacy and an unacceptably high toxicity in men with late stage prostate cancer. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today’s news reports address:

  • Barbers as prostate risk educators in the black community
  • The need for a Phase III trial of docetaxel + carboplatin in CRPC … READ MORE …

The Tuesday news reports: February 24, 2009

We have dealt separately with an article on the way in which surgical technique appears to affect the likelihood of positive surgical margins after robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP). Other reports today cover:

  • Whether multifocal tumors are “riskier” that single prostate cancer tumors
  • The role of n-3 fatty acids in prevention of selected cancers (including prostate cancer)
  • Lycopene in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer
  • Serum cholesterol levels and prostate cancer
  • Different forms of imaging for prostate cancer localization during EBRT
  • Carboplatin + etopside chemotherapy in late-stage metastatic disease … READ MORE …