The demise of Combidex / Sinerem

For several years a company initially called Advanced Magnetics (and later known as AMAG Pharma), with its partners, spent a good deal of money developing and seeking approval of a product called ferumoxtran-10. … READ MORE …

Combidex, MRI, and identification of nodal metastases

One of the major issues in the management of prostate cancer is the identification of early physical (as opposed to biochemical) evidence of metastatic disease. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news update: Saturday, August 23

Todays’ reports contain some interesting data, although it is not entirely clear how they should best be applied in the diagnosis and potential management of patients at risk:

  • A study of patient preferences and decision making about how to be treated
  • Why some Brazilian men reject digital rectal examination (fewer that you might expect)
  • The natural history of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN)
  • The potential of ferumoxtran-10 (Combidex) in diagnosis of lymph node metastases … READ MORE …