The Dana Jennings report …

… for the week can be found in the New York Times online under the heading “Cancer in Winter, Optimism in Spring.”

Dana Jennings writes about another illness

Dana Jennings isn’t the only member if his family with a health problem. See his article (“A Bond Shaped by Illness, but Not Defined by It“) on the New York Times Well blog today.

Dana Jennings is back …

… with his latest offering entitled, “With a Buzz Cut, I Can Take On Anything.”

The latest from Dana Jennings …

… is entitled, “Time is a Trickster When Cancer Runs the Clock.”

The latest word from Dana

This week Dana Jennings writes about the fatigue that he and many men with more advanced forms of prostate cancer feel — from the cancer itself and also from the treatments needed to keep it under as much control as possible.

And more from America’s most public patient

Yet another article by Dana Jennings appeared in today’s New York Times. In his latest “Epistle to the Gleasonized,” Mr. Jennings offers a list of post-op “home truths” from his personal experience for those who will continue to come after!

“A Private Song …”

Dana Jennings’ latest musings on his prostate cancer can be found on the New York Times Health section today. … And in another New York Times article, Denise Grady writes about the interesting ethical question of whether doctors should tell patients that they might (or will?) get better care for their disease at a different hospital or other health care institution.

And to end a long day …

… what could be more appropriate than to refer readers to part IV of Dana Jennings’ continuing prostate cancer story in the New York Times today, in which Mr. Jennings writes about life with hormone therapy. All his articles can be accessed on the NYT web site.