Is ED a cause of depression in prostate cancer patients?

It is unlikely to come as any big surprise to the average prostate cancer patient who was potent before first-line therapy but has erectile dysfunction (ED) afterward that there might be an association between ED and depression after initial treatment for localized prostate cancer. … READ MORE …

Depression in older patients with prostate cancer

There has been good evidence that older cancer patients report less “distress” than younger cancer patients. However, there has been very little research to date into the distinctions among general distress, anxiety, and depression in aging prostate cancer patients. … READ MORE …

Do patients on active surveillance have anxiety and distress?

One of the issues that worries people about active surveillance and other forms of “non-interventional” management for prostate cancer is whether patients will suffer unduly from anxiety and distress while living with “untreated” cancer. We know that there are patients who have been on such protocols long-term who do not; we also know that there are some patients who find the idea of living with “untreated” prostate cancer too difficult to deal with. … READ MORE …

More from the GU Oncology Symposium — a wrap-up

Looking through my assorted notes from the meeting this morning after getting home late last night, there are four other poster presentations that are worth commenting on very specifically, and then a general comment that I would add. … READ MORE …

The Halloween news for October 31, 2008

We have separately commented on a Swedish pilot study showing that men treated with captopril following radical prostatectomy had a  significant reduction in risk of biochemical recurrence. Other reports today deal with:

  • The potential of contrast enhanced eMRI in diagnosis and monitoring
  • Whether we can better identify high-risk patients with localized disease for curative surgery
  • Early-stage patients and risk for prostate cancer-specific mortality
  • Hot flashes and depression … READ MORE …

TGIF prostate cancer news: Friday, October 3

The important news today appears to be clear confirmation that a high- (or low-) fiber diet won’t affect your risk for prostate cancer (at least, not over an 8-year timeframe). In other news today:

  • Prostate weight may impact risk for recurrence following surgery
  • Just over 25 percent of patients receiving hormone therapy will be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder within the following 7 or so years
  • The relative values of two ways to assess erectile function have been investigated … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news review: Thursday, July 24

Newly published studies today include data on:

  • Risk for patients with prostate atypia on biopsy having a subsequent diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • Patterns of failure of patients treated with brachytherapy for localized disease
  • Quality of life following differing types of radiotherapy
  • Second-line antiandrogen therapy following initial failure of a first-line antiandrogen in advanced prostate cancer
  • Mood and cognitive changes in men receiving intermittent androgen deprivation therapy … MORE …