Aggressive Prostate Cancer After Dietary Supplements

I recently guest blogged on Respectful Insolence, a site loaded with ramblings from a fellow surgeon. The subject was two men with aggressive prostate cancer. Both had taken supplements.

This is a cautionary tale. Click here to read Death by Supplements

Selenium and prostate cancer prevention

Dr. Krongrad points out that the media suggest that certain supplements “may” prevent prostate cancer. Using such jargon as “anti-oxidant,” the pitch plays on our emotions as we seek to stay healthy. There’s just one problem: the suggestions are without basis. Here he illustrates using the popular selenium as a proposed prostate cancer preventive as an example. … MORE

Dr. Krongrad Suggests Prostate Cancer Books

You can get information on the internet, but Dr. Krongrad suggests you also consider some books.

There are different kinds of prostate cancer books. First we have the encyclopedia, useful because it puts in one place everything you might want to know. And you can take it on the plane and to bed, places you rarely take your internet. As one great example of the prostate cancer encyclopedia I would cite the American Cancer Society’s Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer. In this book, written by medical experts, you can find basic definitions and learn about diagnosis and treatment. This kind of book will help you think of questions to ask. … MORE