NanoKnife or irreversible electroporation treatment as a potential focal ablation therapy

Ireversible electroporation (IRE), using the NanoKnife® system, is unique among focal ablation therapies in that it is non-thermal and precise down to the cellular level. … READ MORE …

Still no data yet on NanoKnife technology in treatment of prostate cancer

As yet there are no published data at all (that we are aware of) on the clinical application of irreversible electroporation (NanoKnife®) technology in the treatment of localized prostate cancer. However, we know there is growing curiosity and so we thought it might be useful to offer readers links to the reasonably reliable source information that is available on the web. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news update: Friday, August 21, 2009

In today’s reports we note items related to:

  • Whether add-back estrogen improves cognitive function in men on ADT
  • Exercise and its impact on the side effects of ADT
  • A new technique for delivering prostate cancer “vaccines”
  • The potential of VEGF inhibitors in prostate cancer treatment … READ MORE …

All the Wednesday news: November 5, 2008

Today’s news addresses such issues as:

  • The potential of MRI/MSRI in the decision to treat men with low-risk, localized prostate cancer
  • Understaging of older patients with high PSA levels
  • Relative effectiveness and safety of LRP and RALP
  • An experimental technique called “irreversible electroporation”
  • The use of RALP in treatment of obese men … READ MORE …